About Us

My good friend and fishing partner Roger Larocque purchased a new Triton boat in 2006. He was looking for a product to clean his boat but was unable to find a product that he was happy with. Either it took too long to wipe the boat down, or some of the products would leave residue or real greasy film on his boat. He realized that he needed a separate product for the gel coat, a special product for the motor, another product for the seats, and a product for the window, another product for your graph and your glasses and your phone.

Then you needed products for your truck. It drove him crazy. At that point he decided that he needed to come up with something he could use and it was important to come up with something that was environmentally friendly. Through repeat trials Roger created a formula that was just for him to use. Guys at the lake would ask Roger what he cleaned his boat with. Roger would tell them it's my stuff I invented. People would come up to Roger and ask where they could buy his stuff. At that point Roger realized he had something that other boat owners wanted. Roger talked to his wife Denise and decided to start a company and that is when Peregrine 250 was founded. They chose the name Peregrine 250 after the peregrine falcon which is capable of flying speeds of 250 miles an hour.

In 2022 my good friend Roger passed away; his wife Denise offered me the great opportunity to purchase Peregrine 250. Without hesitation I was honored to carry on Roger’s legacy and keep Peregrine250 available to the public. Why Wouldn’t I, as a tournament angler myself and an owner of several boats, what better way then to keep Roger’s dream alive.  I’ve tried other products and was very disappointed. When I met Roger in 2002 he cleaned my boat with Peregrine250 boat wax. Needles to say I’ve been using Peregrine 250 products ever since.

The company’s mission statement reads, “The Peregrine 250 Company is dedicated to providing the Marine Industry with superior all-inclusive boat care products at a competitive price.” This statement says it all because that is precisely what Roger and Peregrine products accomplish. The product line; from their Peregrine 250 general purpose waxer cleaner, Water Dog hardwater spot remover, Eagle Eye electronic screen cleaner, and the newest product Carpet X P250 carpet cleaner not only provides exceptional performance they come with an excellent price point. Products that work well and don't cost more, you can't ask for a better situation.

We are proud to say all of our products are made in the USA.

Keep your boat Lookin’ Good !